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As a public server we have a wide variety of personalities. This is inevitable, however we try our absolute best to ensure the user experience is friendly, open and respectful to all. From time to time things get heated and people do/say things they don't necessarily mean. Our primary focus from day 1 has been you, the user. Sometimes auto moderation, or under trained members of our team enforce something they shouldn't have. So, if this ever happens to you we apologise in advance. If you truly feel your enforcement action wasn't warranted then you're free to appeal the decision and the matter will be dealt with by a senior member of our team. To make it clear, we aren't saying this is a get out of jail free card as each appeal will be investigated thoroughly. So, we urge you to be open and honest upfront. Else it will affect the outcome of the appeal. 

Simply click the link below and fill out the form, a senior member of our team will contact your shortly afterwards to follow up the appeal and begin our investigation. Please collect your evidence as it will be used as a deciding factor. 

Best of wishes, Hydra Gaming Community. 

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