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Joining HydraRP

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Welcome everyone, 

We've spent countless hours creating what we like to call HydraRP, the ultimate roleplay experience. Built from the ground up with one focus, the user experience. We aim to create and maintain a safe, enjoyable and in-depth experience. To do this, we operate around a strict set of guidelines. Thus meaning, we ask all fellow members/new comers to apply for access to HydraRP. This helps to keep the community clean, close knitted and gives us an idea as to who you are as an individual. Our applications are open 24/7 and anyone is entitled to apply. Access is subject to approval. 

So, what's needed prior to applying? We expect all applicants to have a legitimate version of Grand Theft Auto, a microphone (MUST BE CLEAR) and be of 12 years of age or older. Younger applicants will be declined access, proof my be required depending on the circumstances. I've been declined access what happens next? We invite you to stay part of our community and help shape us into something spectacular. This means being an active member of our community and helping out where possible.

I don't have a gaming computer can I still play a part? Yes. Of course. If you're unable to take part in the server, you can apply to become a dispatcher. Our only requirement is that you're 14 years of age, or older. Dispatchers play a vital part in our community and help to enhance the user experience of all emergency services users/officers. 

With that being said, we'd like to welcome you all and wish you the very best of luck. We look forward to seeing you around. 

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