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  1. Welcome, 

    As a public server we have a wide variety of personalities. This is inevitable, however we try our absolute best to ensure the user experience is friendly, open and respectful to all. From time to time things get heated and people do/say things they don't necessarily mean. Our primary focus from day 1 has been you, the user. Sometimes auto moderation, or under trained members of our team enforce something they shouldn't have. So, if this ever happens to you we apologise in advance. If you truly feel your enforcement action wasn't warranted then you're free to appeal the decision and the matter will be dealt with by a senior member of our team. To make it clear, we aren't saying this is a get out of jail free card as each appeal will be investigated thoroughly. So, we urge you to be open and honest upfront. Else it will affect the outcome of the appeal. 

    Simply click the link below and fill out the form, a senior member of our team will contact your shortly afterwards to follow up the appeal and begin our investigation. Please collect your evidence as it will be used as a deciding factor. 

    Best of wishes, Hydra Gaming Community. 

  2. Welcome Everyone, 

    As a roleplay server, we understand that employment plays a crucial role in your experience. As such, we've set a heavy focus on what truly matters. Each job has been altered to a strict criteria. A balance between rewarding, yet engaging. However, some of our jobs MUST be distributed throughout the community. This helps to ensure every role is filled and people don't accidentally hinder one and others experience. As a result of this, we've white-listed several jobs. Those being Police, EMS/Fire, Real Estate, Mechanics and Car Dealers. As previously stated this helps us to distribute the work load in a fashion that doesn't hinder the user experience. 

    Applying for a white-listed job is easy, simply click the link below and fill out the application. You should hear back from us within 24hours (typically sooner). We expect a certain level of commitment from those with a white-listed job. This means being active, respectful and engaging. We expect you to seamlessly roleplay from one experience to the next, helping to enhance the experience of those around you! We have an age limit for Police/EMS/Fire being 14 years of age or older. All applicants must be honest and upfront, failing to do so will warrant enforcement action.  Please limit yourself to 1 application at a time, if you've been declined for one, feel free to apply for another position.

    With that being said, we'd like to wish you all the best of luck with your application(s).

  3. Welcome everyone, 

    As a community looking to grow, we need a dedicated team of awesome individuals who are devoted to helping shape the community. You'll be at the fore front of the community whether it be; organising events, moderating posts, dealing with reports, enforcing the rules and issuing enforcement action(s). Staff members will receive elevated privileges on all platforms. This being the forums, game servers and voice servers. Your privileges will vary based on your rank within the community. 

    To apply and be in with the chance, simply click the link below and fill out the application. Please refrain from contacting the team in regards to your application as we are busy and do live lives outside of the community. Failing to adhere will result in the dismissal of your application. Only contact us regarding your application if absolutely necessary. 

    As a Staff member, we expect a certain level of commitment from you. We expect you to be active and act responsibly. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to abusing your rank/role. Failing to adhere to the rules set for staff will result in your dismissal. You have been warned.

    With that being said, good luck to all those who apply! 

  4. Welcome everyone, 

    We've spent countless hours creating what we like to call HydraRP, the ultimate roleplay experience. Built from the ground up with one focus, the user experience. We aim to create and maintain a safe, enjoyable and in-depth experience. To do this, we operate around a strict set of guidelines. Thus meaning, we ask all fellow members/new comers to apply for access to HydraRP. This helps to keep the community clean, close knitted and gives us an idea as to who you are as an individual. Our applications are open 24/7 and anyone is entitled to apply. Access is subject to approval. 

    So, what's needed prior to applying? We expect all applicants to have a legitimate version of Grand Theft Auto, a microphone (MUST BE CLEAR) and be of 12 years of age or older. Younger applicants will be declined access, proof my be required depending on the circumstances. I've been declined access what happens next? We invite you to stay part of our community and help shape us into something spectacular. This means being an active member of our community and helping out where possible.

    I don't have a gaming computer can I still play a part? Yes. Of course. If you're unable to take part in the server, you can apply to become a dispatcher. Our only requirement is that you're 14 years of age, or older. Dispatchers play a vital part in our community and help to enhance the user experience of all emergency services users/officers. 

    With that being said, we'd like to welcome you all and wish you the very best of luck. We look forward to seeing you around. 

  5. Welcome to your new Invision Community!

    Congratulations on your purchase of our software and setting up your community. Please take some time and read through the Getting Started Guide and Administrator Documentation. The Getting Started Guide will walk you through some of the necessary steps to setting up an IP.Board and starting your community. The Administrator Documentation takes you through the details of the capabilities of IP.Board.

    You can remove this message, topic, forum or even category at any time.

    Go to the documentation now...

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